What can be mediated?

Agricultural mediation has helped resolve problems of all sizes for farms of all sizes. Mediation can be used at any time—before a conflict escalates or when things are already full blown. 



Customers of the USDA have the right to appeal certain adverse decisions by using mediation. NYSAMP gives producers and USDA representatives a flexible and confidential way to clarify decisions and problems, explore options, and, when possible, to develop workable solutions.

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Farm Transitions

Different tools for different needs 

Farm families and farm enterprises contact us at different stages of a farm transition. Each situation is unique and we customize services to match needs.

Conflict Coaching

Conversations to help individuals identify what is most important to them and how they would like to address issues with the family.

Family Meeting

A facilitator helps the family develop an agenda, assures all have a chance to speak and be heard and drafts up any decisions the family makes during a family meeting.


Helpful when a family seems stuck. Working with a professional trained in conflict management can often help family members find common goals and see additional possibilities.

Credit and Debt issues

A mediator can help a farmer negotiate realistic plans with lenders or suppliers when they owe money and are struggling to pay on time. A mediator can also help a farmer with small or large claim issues or to have a conversation to resolve issues and maintain business relationships when someone owes them money.

Neighbor Disputes

Individuals or communities seek mediation when they are looking to sort out concerns without going to court.


Going beyond a handshake


Proactive meetings in the first two years of a lease for landowners and farmers to address any concerns with their situation. Facilitators help draft agendas, provide a process for discussion and document any changes to working agreements.


Useful when there are disagreements/conflict and either or both landowner and farmer would like supported conversations to explore issues and solutions.


Contact us for an initial confidential conversation, we can discuss options for your situation. Consultations are free and confidential.